Demodrop #4

23 February, 2018

Here is a new Demodrop episode!

250x bekeken
Armada Music
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Micky Hansford
25 February 2018, 08:54
Loving Armada Demo Drop!!!!!, it give's good info on what you are actually looking for and good advice on how to improve. Thank You Guy's!!!! Epic Micky UK
Michael Christian
24 February 2018, 21:45
Hey, just wanted to give the heads up that there are issues with the new demo drop section of the site. I cannot connect the SoundCloud or google accounts and I noticed that in the demo drop homepage, what’s “HOT” isn’t really that Hot. Some tracks that I checked out are clearly not great and have issues with the mix yet are part of the “Hot” section. I also had to hear these tracks by searching them through SoundCloud rather than the player on the site which doesn’t work. I could be mistaken but I believe there are some glitches with this new demo drop system. Also, I love these demo drop videos and I’m sure a lot more people agree but I wish they were longer and you covered more demos and with different genres rather than the ones I keep hearing in the last few videos. I love the real reactions as A&R reps and I thank you for keeping it real. Keep it up! Thanks!